Ericsson Wars Episode VI

Revenge of Ganesh

Darkness has overcome the galaxy. The Empire has managed to wipe out the rebels that were scattered in several places.
Jector Solo left the alliance to complete his training, his whereabouts remain unknown. The only trace that he left is that
he’s gone to a galaxy far far away; leaving the remaining rebel force to fate.

Dark and mysterious projects from the empire have left the rogue delivery squadron  in complete confusion; and with no
clue of where to go. A powerful weapon from the Empire called DSMN is in construction in several properties of the
customer federation. But there are some fears that the weapon will end up being a sabotage.

Dark Lord has extended his reign to more galaxies of the customer federation. He holds an overwhelming
power capable of seducing even the highest positions in the Empire. To stand against this, master Gilbert Calrissian
had a one to one confrontation with the Dark Lord, but his abilities were not enough to match the Dark Lord; leaving him with an
undeniable defeat. Gilbert Calrissian, who was known for living in the clouds, has been sent to exile.

Despite that new members have joined the rebel cause, their limited Jedi abilities and faint heart were not enough to stand the slightest chance.
Also, Jedi knight Czar Marek,member of the Jedi council, has been tempted by the dark side and no much hope is left for him.
He is suspected to be the secret apprentice of the Dark Lord. Al tough being now the last standing member of the council.
On top of that, the Empire will reconfigure itself soon to gather more power, and crush once and for all the last remaining rebels.

Days of oppression doesn’t seem to have  a near end. And the worst days are now upon all with the inevitable victory of the Empire.
Last members of the council will probably dare to try to stand a chance and make a change.


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